Sunday, October 28, 2007

A new Beginning

As the Cavs season is slated to begin this week I wanted to get something off my chest about Lebron James. As almost everyone around Cleveland knows, TBS' Craig Saiger interviewed Lebron James during an ALDS broadcast, because he was wearing a Yankees hat at a Cleveland Indians Division Series game. In the interview, Saiger discovered that James had been a Yankees fan since youth, and that was why he wore the Yankees hat.

Well a lot of Cleveland Sport fans took offense to James' interest in the Yankees, and felt he betrayed the city of Cleveland for cheering for team from New York. Some of the negative reactions have come in the ways of signs at Cavs' preseason games ripping James, individuals making shirts bashing James' like of the Yankees, and I've even heard some people say that they refused to go to Cavaliers' games because of James' preference.

I personally feel the negative reaction to James' preference is absolutely ridiculous. How DARE anyone in this town think they have the right to say who James can or can not cheer for on the baseball field. He's done more for the Cavaliers franchise and the city of Cleveland than anyone, and you want to get upset because he doesn't cheer for the Tribe? No one has the right to say James shouldn't cheer for the Yankees. Just because he plays for our favorite basketball team, doesn't mean his favorite baseball team has to be the same as yours.


Anonymous said...

I have to say Well said man well said . I was thinking give me a break when they started on him about the cap . However after a few Cav's wins Everyone will be on the bandwagon don't you think ? It's just like any sport . Fans are always down on you till you win them something .Then they are all on the nuts . They can't just love the game .

SaberTJ said...

Thanks. And I agree with you where you said that if they get a few wins they will be back on the bandwagon. The unfortunate thing is that with Andy and Sasha still out, wins will be hard to come by facing mainly Western Conference opponents at the offset of the season.

Nicababe said...

Sadly Saber this is very true . What is your take on this season ?

SaberTJ said...

If they dont get any help (there are rumors of adding Juwan Howard), then I think a 6-7th seed is all we can hope for. With clubs like Chicago and Toronto improving, and Boston vastly improving..the East is gonna be a lot tougher than in most reason seasons.

Even with an improved Gibson, and a special performance from Shannon Brown we are gonna be in big trouble up front defensively. Dhante Jones might fill in some of the void, but I would definetly prefer Andy and Jones being in there to take Marshall's minutes because I'm not sure how much hes got left. But with Lebron..we just can't count the Cavaliers out.